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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Touche. *humbly concedes point*

Whom do you think poses the most danger to us today (I mean, what country)?

Our biggest worry right now isn't a specific nation, it is someone that will goad others into attacking, or goad us into a preemptive strike that is unnecessary.

A perfect example is the book The Sum of all Fears by Tom Clancy. A terrorist organization sets off a nuke, which everone assumes must have been something the Russians slipped in. The advisor to the President assumes it is an attack on the President himself, meaning it is literally war. The US goes to Defcon 2, and the Russians respond.

As it is, 99% of the military might of the world (Not counting troops) is held by the First World, and over 75% is American. The American nation will collapse as did the Romans, unwilling to defend itself, depending on allies who stay only until they get a better deal.

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