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I wonder if that vision in Ludo Kresh's Tomb (Please do NOT spoil it for the newbs) was indicative of a future meeting between Revan and Exile?

I doubt anyone will have any answers to the Exile's fate so it may just suffice to say she was lost and it came to/was of no consequence.

They were just two people, hardly unique, and obviously neither were singular.

It's likely that Revan did start his own legion or did do something in the outer rim which had an impact. I'm beginning to think that with all the "infiltartion" stuff revealed lately, Revan may have been fighting a more covert, stealth war in this way to try to undermine the Sith Empire in order to weaken it--at least I would think Revan had some way of being involved because the piece that doesn't fit is why all those warriors looked like Revan on the "Deceived" video. Also if Darth Malgus is notably different and said to occasionally be a cirtic of the Emperor at times...does that not hint at something? Malgus also with the revan-esque warriors... There might be a connection of some sort, but just what will have to remain a mystery for now. This is purely speculative.

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