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Great idea on the chatcast Jae/Lynk. Will definitely check that out. I didn't watch the actual conference... the world cup was on at the same time.

Whilst I don't see a huge amount of slim in the new 360, inbuilt wifi and HDMI, and the glossy black finish means that I will definitely be picking it when we get it here in Oz next month. (IMHO) It looks better than the black elite and will fit the aesthetics of my study better. I'll be laying it on its side though Finally I'll be able to play Alan Wake, Horsey Game(aka RDR) and FF XIII \o/

For those that like to see such things, here's an unboxing video of the new 360.

I never realised the 360 had such a huge power brick.......phaw! Also, it looks like HDMI cable not included.... I like how they integrated the HDD though.


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