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"Hold up, if we kill them that makes us just like them. No, whoever's doing this isn't controlling us for a reason...I think this thing is testing us."

Erebus didnt like following orders, but this was an exception. These policemen didnt know better afterall, because it became clear they were being controlled; along with the rest of Gallion's citizens.

As soon as Candlelight created a flash bomb to blind the armed police, Erebus used this opportunity. Erebus came up behind a few of them and disarmed them through hand-combat, while knocking them down to the pavement. One of them was firing his weapon aimlesly, inable to see any targets. Erebus managed to deflect the unguided projectiles using his blade, spun around to dodge further rampage and slid his blade across the rifle the man was wielding into two pieces. The man dropped the weapon, and fell on his back.

Erebus proceeded with caution!
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