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Well, first thing is first: Revan's head design matches one found in the original Knights of the Old Republic. This gives players the chance, if they so choose, to play as the "canon" Revan.

And i prefer the Kreia's version of the story
Nothing contradicts it, though. Revan did go into the Unknown Regions to hunt down the enemy-- he just didn't know what he would find. He also did come back to prepare the Republic for invasion, which was the underlying hint since the first game. It works pretty well, actually. His fall started on Malachor V and ended on Dromund Kaas and his intentions are still his own.

Revan turned mainstream...reverse grip...
They both surprised and annoyed me a bit; Revan has always been seen using the regular grip. I don't want to try and make a story for it-- I'll just accept it as it was, for now.

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