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"Not that stuff," Irene replied. "It's the stuff we learned in high school. Mathematics, writing, the usual as well as basic quantum equations." She was chuckling. "They want to see if we can think first before they teach us specifics. Didn't you read the student package when you signed up?"

Aruko grinned at Tally and said, "Least you can change your name. Sacrilege if I did. At least I would be accused of having no pride in my heritage." Whenally was going on about morning coffee, he had asked if she actually drank the engine sludge and was surprised at how she answered. When she said that she was going to proctor exams, he felt an inward quail at the thought of the instructor Krishna grading his exam. He said over everyoone, "I guess we better get going too. Exams in fifteen."

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