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"Barring that, the only other option would be to use the fleet to create a diversion. It's likely that they are in an equal state of disrepair to us; a confrontation could end in a stalemate."

Bleina shook her head and smiled. "Sorry Komad. The fleet is going back into battle again. I've heard reports that a new Grand Admiral has surfaced and it's a possibility that he may be at Geonosis. If he is, we need to ready. Grand Admirals are such a pain to track down and get rid of."

"Besides, our fleet is in better shape then the Imperial Fleet. I'll be leading the fleet from the Ackbar. The fleet is going to be composed of ships that have been fully repaired."

She thought for a moment before speaking again.

"A cloaked ship does sound like a good idea though. I'll be sure to include a few so that my troops can reach the ground safetly."

One of the control panels behind her burst into flames and Garja quickly grabbed an extingusher and began spraying down.

"Of course...we'll still be conducting repairs as we go along. The Ackbar should be battle ready within a few hours."

"You mean you don't know about the rear guard defense of the Republic during the Clone Wars?

She shook her head. "The only planets I was assigned to were Dantooine and one whos name escapes me. I saw heavy fighting on Dantooine but when I was on the other one we never saw any combat."

We can interrogate here Alriana. Just radio R4 to bring a medkit to stabilize."

Alriana nodded at him and contacted the droid, telling him to bring a few medpacs for the injured Togorian.

"Remember, she said to the Togorian. "You had your chance to surrender. What happened to you was your own fault."
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