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Nothing contradicts it, though. Revan did go into the Unknown Regions to hunt down the enemy-- he just didn't know what he would find. He also did come back to prepare the Republic for invasion, which was the underlying hint since the first game. It works pretty well, actually. His fall started on Malachor V and ended on Dromund Kaas and his intentions are still his own.
Well it say Revan have completely fall into the dark side, and has gone to the republic to conquer it for his masters, but in the way he change his mind and decide to conquer the republic for himself, it don't say at all that Revan has plans to protect the republic before his redemption, so the "Revan was preparing the republic from an ever greater evil", and the "are you sure revan ever fall into the dark side?", and the stuff that revan has sacrificed himself by becoming the sith lord just to protect the republic. So, in what they say now, he's just a sith wannabe, that wanted to keep the republic strong to protect his own sith empire...

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