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The Togorian growled in pain and snapped at her. Tavaryn had planted a boot on the chest to keep him from moving too much. They didn't have long to wait for the the droid came bearing medkits and warbling at his master which he took in good humor.

The droid had been built by his mother out of sheer boredom on her part. She once told him that he was a special droid and had functions that most other astromechs of his series didn't have. Tavaryn had to admit that he was a good companion after his mother left him behind in order to make a final stand at redeeming a fallen and taking down the Empire. "Thanks R4."

It was short work on the Togorian working to stabilize him. Meanwhile Haruka abandoned his plan to burn sky and began asking Alriana questions. "Are you certain you haven't heard of Jedi Ashira-Li Starlighter? She was the first of our people to be raised and trained at the Temple on Coruscant and was a close friend of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi."

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