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In this web stream, our hero, JC Denton Mickey Mouse, is exploring the dark, seedy world of Hell's Kitchen The Wasteland, in pursuit of the whereabouts of an elusive Smuggler Smee. Using the JC's Mickey's exclusive power of nano-augmentations Paint & Thinner, players can manipulate the game environment to their own whims, creating a role-playing-esue experience of limited yet expansive free agency, among other things.

Summarizing it all: gameplay is structured around "Quest Zones", which act as hubs to buy equipment, receive quests (duh), etc. "Action Zones" are your standard missions/dungeon crawls, and are the bulk of the core gameplay. "Travel Zones" are 2D platforming levels which allow Mickey to explore new Zones and to travel between hubs. Travel Zones are thematically inspired by Disney cartoon shorts, and they replicate the art direction and content of the cartoon within every level (And they seem do so quite expertly, if I might add). Basically, I'm excited, to say the least; Epic Mickey sounds more like Deus Ex than anything else, oddly enough.
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