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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
1. How could you possibly know that head-tracking would ruin your experience and not enhance it? Have you ever played a game that utilized player head-tracking? Do you even know what head-tracking is?

2. Yes, I also can understand how something that would be a completely optional... modification (so to speak) of a game can ruin it completely. [/sarcasm] This is exactly like those people bitching about 3D gaming when they have the choice of whether or not to even partake in it.
This early in the development of games for the new hardware...things are very rough and turn out more gimmicky than intuitive. Look at that Star Wars game they previewed...looked like it was one of the clumsiest uses of the technology seen thus far. While I understand it takes the right developer to use it right, it took a year or so for the Wii's controls to catch on past the gimmick factor...

That's all.

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