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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
Revan turned mainstream...reverse grip...

Why oh why....
Force Unleashed. Blame Hayden Blackmann. And whoever it was that made that picture--and whatever influences (if any) played part in that.

Ugh...shien reverse grip variation of form V shien.

Originally Posted by Son of Skywalker15 View Post
Well, first thing is first: Revan's head design matches one found in the original Knights of the Old Republic.
I know which head, but which "design" image are you referring to? Jog my memory, as I can't recall any specific official image to this effect ATM.

This gives players the chance, if they so choose, to play as the "canon" Revan.
I think it was artist's preference--or an influence thereof. Likely the reason being it is the most similar head to Ep. 3 Anakin. :¬:

Nothing contradicts it, though. Revan did go into the Unknown Regions to hunt down the enemy-- he just didn't know what he would find. He also did come back to prepare the Republic for invasion, which was the underlying hint since the first game. It works pretty well, actually. His fall started on Malachor V and ended on Dromund Kaas and his intentions are still his own.
I think the team was careful to not contradict it. I think most of us can live with that, and TSL just simply being left forgotten.

They both surprised and annoyed me a bit; Revan has always been seen using the regular grip. I don't want to try and make a story for it-- I'll just accept it as it was, for now.
Quoted for truth and emphasis.

Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
Well it say Revan have completely fall into the dark side, and has gone to the republic to conquer it for his masters, but in the way he change his mind and decide to conquer the republic for himself, it don't say at all that Revan has plans to protect the republic before his redemption, so the "Revan was preparing the republic from an ever greater evil", and the "are you sure revan ever fall into the dark side?", and the stuff that revan has sacrificed himself by becoming the sith lord just to protect the republic. So, in what they say now, he's just a sith wannabe, that wanted to keep the republic strong to protect his own sith empire...
Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
It was obvious from the very beginning. It's just that because Revan is the player character of the first game, nobody likes to see him as the amoral Sith Lord he was, because that ruins the self-insert experience.

Besides, it doesn't contradict Kreia's claim that Revan did it to save the galaxy from the "true" Sith. Like any tyrant, Revan no doubt believed that he would be a stronger and more benevolent ruler whose reign would save many lives.
I pretty much agree that he probably would have thought he could do a better job as sith almighty on the dark side. Not so much saving the galaxy but rather keeping it for himself. It's the dark side afterall. Kreia's speculation may have had an optimistic slant because Revan "didn't know himself".

The only new thing from this video is that now we know Revan's face and his lightsaber color post-memory damage.
Guess the devil is in the details.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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