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"I'm ready." Kalla replied, closing the case with her gear in it. "I can change into my armoured robes en route. I'll contact Doctor Prahdes, and see if she and Andorra are ready." She added, taking her gear out, and hearing for the nearest comm terminal.

"Doctor Pradhes, this Kalla Kaltas. Do you have what you need? We're waiting for you over here?" She asked, spotting her and Andorra nearby.


"Eliminate the Guardsmen, and lure the rest to me." Darth Pestilus explained. As soon as he knew who the Republic would send, he would gather what knowledge he could about them, and then use Dun Moch to crush them before a single blow was struck.


"In that case, we can help you. After the Battle of Setna, I left my X-38 in the Ackbar's hangar, and the Silver Eagle can best most starfighters in a dogfight." Komad suggested.

"If you wish, I could attempt to infiltrate the command ship and apprehend the Grand Admiral myself." Iyav added, drawing a look from Komad. "I know my way around those ships. I can be in and out before they realise he's gone."

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