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At that moment, Devon sauntered by flanked by two burly humans who looked better suited to manual labor. They gave off the distinct impression that brawn over brain would ein, It was Devon that spoke though, "If I were you, I would just hop on the next transport back to where you came from. The Academy isn't for losers like you."

Aruko swerved to look at Devon and replied, "And it isn't for the muscle men either nor cadets with a boot up their arse."

"The last inbreeder that made it into the Academy ended serving on a stock frigate as a cook. That's where you're going to end up."

"We'll see," Aruko replied. Inwardly he rankled at being called an inbreeder, the worst name to call a Rokusian. "Exams in fifteen and I don't know about you but I am not going to waste it hanging around you three." He stood up and started walking away motioning to Ray and the others that they should leave.

Irene followed giving a discreet tug on Rani's jacket sleeve. As soon as they were clear, she said, "Damien you never were an idiot. An over prepared space junkie but never an idiot. Those guys are."

Krishna caught them in the hall and barked at them, "Shouldn't you be at the main hall? You have exams in fifteen minutes. FedCON does not tolerate lateness." His eyes swiveled on to Rani and he looked positively fierce with his facial tattoos and double horns looking at her.

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