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Well, I've updated my coop patch with some new fixes, now working on darkside kor1 & kor2. Unfurtunately I'm little limited here because I can't add map files without permissions, some parts I can do with icarus others only by entity edit.

I also planned to add some coop challenge maps and a 'lobby' map for coop.
lobby map - I mean, map where you can choose which coop map you want to play, I'm not sure how it should like but probably a door with map/mission name to enter level players must destroy and this doors.
Also I find out that coop works great in ojp basic, and the icarus code in basic is different than in enhanced, so I'm not in coding things so much but looking into this could help.

Also I was playing yesterday and found new coop bugs which I'm gonna fix, but its strange, they occured on windows host, on linux not.

Btw, linux 1.2 is still somewhere? And I only wonder, does anybody want to revive ojp its community? Or only it's me? ;S
also, we got ojp basic and enhanced, maybe now new one? ojp ultimate ? I got a lot of ideas to improve the mod.

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