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*Death watches them for a while longer and takes a mental note to try and run a check on them later. He disapears into the darkness again*

*A young boy in his mid-teens is at the bar. He tries to blend into the crowd and not stand out. His wild orange-red hair makes that a hard thing to do and his strange completely black eyes tend to freak most people out. He's not too tall for his age and he's a bit scrawny which is understandable since he hasn't had a warm meal in about two months. His name is Ved-Kaul, but many just call him Ved. He's an orphan trying to make it on the streets and that involves stealing. He walks from person to person taking a few things here and there. He looks at the new people that come in*

"They didn't name him Death for nothing, you know. He's a killer, a murderer. Men, women, children...doesn't matter, if they're in his way...if he's bored. He'll kill 'em all. He has no respect for life. He only wants to kill and destroy."- Stealth
"He could change. If we could get him he could change."- Nivek
"No, I don't think so. No one can stop Death."- Stealth
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