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I believe that it says: "But no one knew how fall Revan had already fallen" as it was leaving the Mandalorian Wars. That, to me, hints at the fact that what we already know from Kreia & the Kotor comic is true: Revan found Malachor V and its Trayus Academy before the end of the war and him meeting with the Sith Emperor sealed the deal.

Well it says "the fall of Revan and Malak to the dark side was complete", so they're saying Revan have completely fall into the dark side, and kriea say he never fall, and that he sacrifice himself, for the galaxy safety.
And it's not because of bad revan or good revan, that i don't like it, for example, I love Darth Bane, or the ancient Siths, but Revan was just something more... Like Kreia said, his actions has always been his own, not influenced by the dark side, and here, they tell us he have completely fall into the dark side...

Ans i don't see the Revan's face any where...

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