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Cool Guy PC version coming after all? Hey now!

Perhaps I'm a bit late to the party, but it is now being reported from various gaming news outlets that SWTFU:2 is being ported to the PC along with the various (previously known) consoles.

Presumably then this means it won't be delayed an entire year after the 360 and PS3 versions like last time.

While I was less than impressed with the specs for the last PC port (no multiplayer, minimal editing capabilities, dumbed down saber system), I'm happy to hear at least that PC fans won't be snubbed this time again for such a "big name" title. My baseline for comparison with new "Jedi" games is always going to be the JK series, and even though I never got to play TFU:USE (on my obsolete machine), seeing enough of the gameplay convinced me it was a step back from say, Jedi Academy, except in terms of graphics (even with the gimmicky use of the Force). Someday I still want to play it, but I'm convinced it's not the kind of game I'd go back and play over and over again through the years, like the titles in the aforementioned series, the gold standard of Jedi games.

In case anyone still doubts...

Release date: Oct 26, 2010

I don't think the system requirements have been released yet, but I'm sure they will exceed TFU:USE, even though they're using the same engine (the video talks about enhancements). Here's hoping for scalable graphics once again (as was present in the USE patches).

(Nothing about a "collector's edition" but frankly, I couldn't care less about some goofy custom USB drive... for 20 extra bucks they should at least throw in something cool).

Cutscene trailers don't phase me these days (the gameplay is what matters, after all, this isn't a movie), but this, looked promising: (as posted by Harkonnen07 in the other thread)

(*clears throat*)
I, Kurgan, hereby publicly retract any negative things I've said thus far about Force Unleashed II... at least until the reviews of the finished game are in.

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