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My game keeps crashing to desktop after Onderon. As soon as the movie finishes it just dies. Any idea what might be causing this? Don't have any other mods installed beyond the official patches, invisible head gear and the cyan/silver lightsaber fix...

Edit: Panic over, I started a new game with a male character and it miraculously worked. Weird. A few notes so far...

Voice acting would REALLY add to the quality of this mod. I know it's a pain in the arse but right now, I don't always know who's speaking a certain line because a. they're not voiced and b. the camera doesn't always close in on the character that's speaking.

The aliens could easily be given audio with the original files from the game. In fact maybe some of the main characters could speak an alien language to save time?

A few issues with the dialogue. Some of the lines could use some work, the battle in the palace really confused me for example. Not really sure what happened. Again, I think voice acting would help in this regard. Also when you talk to a character (let's take Tsig for example), I find it irritating that you have to re-initiate dialogue with her to ask her another question. E.g. you can ask her why she wants to find Revan, she'll answer, conversation ends. But wait, I wanted to ask her what's up with her voice!

Tbh though, I really can't overlook the enormous amount of effort that must have gone into this mod. It's a conversion for god's sake! With a couple more patches or updates this mod will actually be mind blowing. Moreso than it is already.

Another Edit: Also I've found a bug with Tsig. You can get unlimited exp with the "I'm no psychologist..." line, don't know if this applies to the rest of your party. Sorry if it's been posted already.

Yet another Edit: Aaaaand my playthrough has been brought to a halt. HK-47 disappeared after I destroyed the droids and completed that quest for the thieves. Balls.

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