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I'm faintly disgusted by that win actually, if only for the sake of a watchable tournament. all the coaches of these very average teams have looked at Inter's champions league title, where they stifled opponents twice as talented as themselves and created a dreary, lifeless spectacle and then won. and they all nodded, stroked their chins and went off to work on their own versions. fine, but then you're going to get games like this one where, in all honesty, it's incredibly dull to watch, and worse is when two teams adopt the same tactics and cancel each other out - see portugal versus the Ivory coast. applaud their discipline and organisation all you want but i don't watch football for an excellent showcase of defensive excellence, i watch it for goals, drama and attacking - all of which are usually ingredients of the better world cups - and there has been very little of that so far.

in short, i blame Jose Mourinho.
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