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Originally Posted by Wookiee Rrudolf View Post
Isn't this whole movie just an account given by some 'Jedi dude' who had his own opinion about Revan and what happened, just like Kreia had her own? It's not like 'I know everything and you have to listen to my words' It's not like Revan himself is telling about his motives. It happens in 'Darth Bane: Path of Destruction'. Then you know that Revan fall to the Dark Side completely. (hint: Revan's holocron) see...there are degrees of canon.
We knew VERY little about Revan, what he did before Kotor 1 and after Kotor 2, to be exact.

Degrees of canon:

G-Canon is what George Lucas DIRECTLY influenced or said. That Anakin IS the chosen one, for example.
T-canon,[2] or Television Canon is the Clone Wars series...very sad...Ahsoka is there to is the Hutt-baby. BAH.
C-canon is Continuity Canon games, comics, books, etc.

You see, because this is PART of SWTOR, it is automatically C-canon. Only if a television series, remark from George Lucas or the game itself proves it's false (equal or higher canon), it's there to stay. And since it's a newer source then the Darth Bane book, it's the new accepted fate of Revan.

You see why many people hate the Clone Wars series now? It overwrites every comic, game, book about the Mandalorians, Clones, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin...bah.

What you see in the clip is the 'New Truth' so to say.

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