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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Come into my changing rooms and say that!
Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
Can we please call it football by the way? Shouting TEN FOR HUH HAH isn't really a sport now is it?

PS: Look at the picture...something wrong there? (HINT)
hehehe.. hey I'm with ya guys. Peace!..
Same here J7 (about worst WC), though I don't know if it's the WC or just the freaking annoying buzz of the vuvuzela I don't care if it's tradition.. burn the damn things. Same with air horns for the yahoos in the states. If I sit next to you, I will punch you in the throat if you blast it

@Z, LOL! I never knew Africa was so close to the border (USA) or is it, I live in North Africa?!? Now I'm confused.. hehe

gotta agree with ya on the call it football part. Why we (Americans) call our "football" well, uh football.. I'll never know

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