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((The next post won't be as long. I'll try to fit them all into one medium length post.))

"Is there anything I can do? Anything at all?"

Juahni quietly got to her feet and looked at the former sith. She tried to smile but she couldn't. Not with with the recent new of Jolee's death.

"There is something I want you to see. I want you to see how one death can affect many people. Now...I have to inform his friends of his death."

She pulled out a personal comnlink from her belt and inserted it into a device that was imbeded in the wall. She quickly inserted some commands and a young, female voice echoed throughout the room.

"Hello? Hello? Who is this? Big Z, can you see if you can get the holoprojector working?" A low growl answered her and soon a figure began to come into existance on the pad of the device in the wall. The figure then turned into a Blue Twi'lek wearing a black leather vest and dark pants.

"Juhani!" The twi'lek said with a joyful smile which quickly turned into a frown as she saw the tears on the cathar's face.

"Juahni...whats wrong? What happened?!"

"Mission...Jolee is dead. He was murdered."

"WHAT?! Someone killed the old man?! Who did it? Who killed him?!"

"An organization known as the Found. Jolee was attempting to rescue a Jedi who was captured and was killed during the rescue." She didn't go into the details of his death. It would most likely give her nightmares.

She watched as the Twi'lek broke down into tears, in the background she heard a wookie howl of despair. Juhani sighed as she fought back tears. "Mission listen to me. The Found are going after Force sensatives everywhere and anyone who has been associated with them. Take Zaalbar and go into hiding. If you wish you can stay with me at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. You'll be safe if you choose to come here."

Mission nodded, the tears were still on her face. "There's a freighter thats leaving for Tatooine in a few hours, I think Big Z and I will hide out there until this is all over. Have you contacted carth and the others?"

"Not yet, but they're on my list. Be safe Mission."

"Bye Juhani, do me a favor: Find the people who did this to the old man and make them pay."

"Believe me, I intend to."

The hologram of the twi'lek vanished and then Juhani turned back to the former sith. "There are others I have to contact. I want you to be here when I do."
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