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She had been deep in thought until that moment. Thoughts mostly about if she was capable enough to find a vaccine. She had jumped forward and had absolutely assured Reyvan that she could find a cure. Jumping in without giving a second thought, she thought to herself as she sighed. But it was no time to back out, she'd find that cure even if it was the last thing she did. As soon as Andorra's hand touched Lenatha's arm, she came back to herself. She turned to face Andorra and blushed a bit at her.

"Oh, sorry I was spacing out, no biggy", Lenatha said and looked at Kalla Kaltas. "Nice to see you again Miss Kaltas, I have everything. We're ready when you are".

Lenatha's expresion went back to serious.

I'm genuinely worried this time, I have to succeed, I absolutely have to...

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