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It's time to introduce myself x)


Age: 18 in... let's say.. 41 days ^^

Country: Well, I'm mexican, half french, born in mexico, and now I live in Paris (texas! xD no, no just joking )

Favorite games: Well obviously the Kotor series... and some other games, but it doesn't matters

I'm of course studying... in fact tomorrow start a hell week of exams every day =(

Hobbies: drawing, modding, playing, eating(!!!!), sleeping (even if the modding have take some time over my sleep lately xD), and.. LFuming.. what else?

In music, I like... let's make a list:

Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, The beatles, The Doors, The White Stripes, The Libertines, Joy Division, The Strookes, The Do, The Moldy Peaches, The Clash, Marilyn Manson, Cat Stevens, Iggy Pop, and some other stuff 8D

Nice to be with all of you! :P

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