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Dominic's eyes stayed on the ground, his jaw working every so often as he listened to the reprimanding that Adeline was giving him. When she was finished he nodded, bowed slightly, and placed his fist over his heart - as he had before. "Yes, your Holiness."

A few hours later, the pilgrim was tracing his way through the lower levels of Coruscant's massive city, a worn and threadbare cloak tied about his shoulders and swinging at his shins. There was no hood; he didn't have any reason to hide his identity. No one knew who he was, this unrecognizable figure. His armor had been replaced by civilian clothes, the only thing left of his previous outfit being the vibrosword and blaster at either hip. He should have been resting...but he was out instead. He wanted a drink.

The bar he was heading to was well within walking distance, being all of a two minute's speeder drive away...but rather than make the journey an eight minute one, Dominic went the opposite direction, and now he was over two hours out of his way. But he had needed the time to center, and only now, as he entered the dark and smokey room, did he come out of his prayerful reverie.
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