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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

The former Sith suddenly realized that her cheeks were wet with tears. Flustered and embarrassed, she wiped them away, and then let more fall. She was tired of hiding her feelings, tired of keeping cool, tired of being strong. Perdante wanted to weep until she could weep no more, and thus she let herself sink against Juhani's shoulder. She felt the Cathar's arms enfold her, and even though she cried and snotted all over the lapel of the Jedi's robes, she did not feel Juhani move away or give a cry of disgust. Perdante was glad.

When she finally regained her composure, she said, "Of course I'll be here."

Lady's Lekku Cantina, Coruscant

"Orugo zhad gurkurk jal?" Dominic was asked as he entered the bar.

The bartender, obviously an alien, quickly switched to Basic Tongue. "Drink?"
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