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Fethe left Coruscant to head towards Manaan, to find an old friend of his. Fethe was an apprentice of a Twi'lek Jedi Master named Rodos Kepid, he is part of the order and is currently on a mission on Manaan. Fethe has taken his ship “Star of Iziz”, a Aurek tactical strikefighter and headed towards Manaan. Upon his arrival Fethe decides to contact the Jedi academy to inform them about the datapad he received from the smuggler.

“T3, open up a hologram communication to the academy, I must talk to Master Brianna and the Council”- Fethe said to his utility droid.

The droid opens up the hologram projecting Master Brianna.

“Master Brianna I have an information given by a smuggler, he was the one who found Jolee's body. This information might be of great help to find the new cult master.”- Fethe informed.

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