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Meta could wait a long time, and that's just what he would do until the Sith and the Jedi both came out of the room.

He had decided to follow the force-users after they had left the scene. Meta had contemplated acquiring the body for experimental purposes, but concluded that there was no way to test the effects of a force-suppressing substance if the user was dead. It would also not be looked on kindly for even just asking, he also concluded, and decided he'd have more luck in his mission with the other Jedi. They probably wouldn't volunteer to be test subjects, but they would help him with his ultimate goal, in all likelihood. Meta simply had to wait for them to regain their composure and exit their room.

One of Meta's favorite pastimes, and he has had plenty of time, was profiling passersby. It was a skill to tell numerous little things about an individual just by observing them, and Meta had learned how to do it very well. He even had a certain advantage in his own vision, in being able to tell what spots on the body were swelled with blood and to see irregularities that others would miss. He could tell, for instance, that a Padawan that just had just walked by was in an aroused state from physical ques as well is things he noticed from the infrared portion of his vision. The cause was obvious; his master, trainer, or whatever they were called was an attractive woman. Meta found deducing physical attraction boring though. It was much more fun to do during gambling games such as poker. Thus, he tried to deduce more in-depth concepts from other passersby as he stood outside the door that the Sith had entered.
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