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((Is Betrayer still in the Rp?))

"Of course I'll be here."

Juhani pulled away from her and motioned for her to sit on the bed while she contacted the others.

"Like I said earlier...I want you to see what happens when someone dies. How the death can many people. You saw that Twi'lek girl. Jolee would often help her pull pranks on the other crew members.

Juhani smiled despite how sad she was as she remembered a few of the Twi'lek girls more...unusual pranks.

She proceded to contract the rest of the surviving crew of the Hawk and warned them of the possible danger against them.

Carth was shocked by the news of the old man's death. He did promise that he would help if the Jedi ever made a move against the Found and that he would be alert.

It took her awhile to get ahold of Canderous Ordo who was now Mandalore of the Mandalorian clans but he seemed to be as shocked by the old man's death as Carth was. When he found out how Jolee had died, he flew into a rage and smashed something that she couldn't see. After a few minutes he calmed down again and promised that he would keep a watch out for any possible attackers.

When she contacted Bastila and told her the news she had heard the other Jedi drop her lightsaber in shock. Despite her attempts, Bastila informed her that she was coming back to Coruscant to help track down Jolee's killer.

Even as Juahni finished, she knew that she had to find out more about Jolee's killer. And only two people other then Jolee had been there. Anna Organ and the smuggler who's name she had forgotten.

After the sith told her that she had to leave to get some air, Juhani began walking toward Anna Organ's quarters, but even as she walked she couldn't help but think that something was wrong. She could sense a small disturbance in the force coming form her quarters.

She gently knocked on the door to the other Jedi's quarters and waited for a response.

“Master Brianna I have an information given by a smuggler, he was the one who found Jolee's body. This information might be of great help to find the new cult master.”

"Very well." The Grand Master replied. "Please begin transmission of the data."
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