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Anyone that wants to whine about the Vuvuzela's please use this template.

Dear Black People in Africa,
I know you love blowing your vuvuzela horns at the soccer. I know it is a tradition that hearkens back to the time of apartheid, where football matches such as the Soweto Derby between Orlando Pirates and Kaiser Chiefs were the only time blacks could congregate without being shot at or told to disperse. You see, I don't care about that, and if I dont like it then that means you have to ban it. Like for realz. And if you don't I'll go on the webs and annoy others about it.
I have several friends in S Africa atm, following either Oz, Spain and Greece(neither very happy atm) Being well aquainted with South African football, they all took some fancy devices called earplugs with them They work a treat apparently

Originally Posted by j7
This is currently the worst World Cup I've ever seen...
This is also currently the worst world cup ball I've ever seen. Jabulani is a nightmare!


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