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Admiral, the problem with that idea is if the ISD turns your screwed, and there are some hardpoints that are very near to that area. Especially in the nose and tail. Maybe the Executor class SSD it would work, like The M. Falcon did in ESB

the key to Dogfighting in XWA is to keep your speed around 90 MGLT. If you notice the AI does not do deflection shooting very well, the faster you are the more innacurate thier fire is.

The idea behind deflection shooting is to fill the area your enemy is going to occupy with Lasers. When the crosshairs light up that means your in the spot.

A good training is to fly an X-wing against 3 individual TIE fighters. THink of it as a game of tag. When a TIE fighter spawns he will come straight for you with lasers blasting, this is when you need to start doing a little moving. NEVER go Head to head withen 1km.

now as far as your scenario... if there is the executor and a fleet if ISDs i would extend to about 5 to 10 km away from them and let thier fighters come to you. Whittle down each squad down to 1 fighter, and then kill one to bring in the next wave. With this tactic if your against 3 squads of 6, instead of 18 fighters you are going after a maximum of 8. once the waves of a squad are done, the odds just get better in your favor. and after about a half hour of dogfighting all that will be left is the capitol ships.

remember 80 to 90 MGLTs.

another trick of the trade is what i call a Throttle flutter. When your in a Dogfight you can quickly go to 1/3 throttle (Maximum maneuverability) back to full or equal to gain an edge and turn inside your enemy

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