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*Garik Loran sits at the bar with his Jedi friend, Corzip Dinn. The Young Jedi already noticed the boy with the orange -red hair and has taken his belongings in to a saver spot. he also warned Garik about him.*

Look at him Garik. he stealing from almost everybody.

*The door opens and Darkforse enters the bar. everbody looks up. sees him and go on with what they were doing. Garik stands up and goes to the door, Corzip follows him and watches the boy carefully.*

What happened?? Where is Kell?? are you all right??

calm down Garik. Wraith 5... Kell is waiting at the back. hes got a broken foot. But im alright. lets head to the back.

*they all head to the rear of the Bar. Corzip looks straight at the boy. and the boy freezes when he sees the Jedi looking at him. Corzip raises his finger.
and shakes his finger like he is saying: no no no... bad boy!
Corzip walks on and disapears in the back of the bar.*
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