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Perdante gave a sudden start. "It's you!", she cried, looking at the personage whom she had believed to be a droid not too much earlier. Then, chagrined at how she'd addressed him, she blushed to the roots of her copper-red hair. "Please forgive me, I--!" A pause. "You may call me Perdante. I saw you earlier, in the midst of all the Jedi in the room who were looking at the headless body of one of their own. I'm intrigued--who are you, and if you're not a droid, how come I seem to sense that you're made of metal?"

She tried to laugh, but the effort came out sounding flat. "Ah..." Perdante shook her head. "Yes, I have had 'quite a time of it', as you say, and so has my new friend Juhani. She's a Jedi, and she knew the man who was slain. I did not, but that's because I was a Sith Initiate not 72 hours ago."

A rueful smile. "We've all been through a lot--Juhani, me, and the entire Order. There's a cult that we think is responsible for the Jedi Jolee Bindo's death, called 'the Found'. Other than that, I don't know much about it or about who killed him. Nevertheless, I want to track down the one who did."

She said this last part with an icy knife-edge in her voice. "He shall pay."
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