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“Yes, I heard about that. It's a shame for anyone to go really, but it hurts the most when stuff we think is preventable happens.” Meta commented after Perdy had finished. “Though if it's vengeance that you're looking for, maybe we can help each other out. I've been looking for the Found and a Jedi – or Sith – is a good as any person to help me hunt them down. Or rather, hunt down their weapon of choice. Their weapon of choice is a mineral with a name I really don't feel like repeating and a tendency to stop the Force cold in anyone. Really quite interesting actually thing to study in after-patients, although finding a volunteer to test it in real time has been a pain, and I doubt you would volunteer either, so that's not what I need help with.”

Meta paused for a moment to walk over to Perdy and do a quick circle around her, as if sizing her up. “I, to simply put it, need bait. Someone to draw members of the Found out that I can then capture, torture, interrogate, kill, and dissect for any useful pieces of information, even additional samples of the mineral that, again, I don't feel the need to repeat the name of. Either that or you could allow yourself to be captured, taken to their hideout, and then I could come to your rescue. The latter plan would probably work better, since I could pretty much call in a Republic cruiser if I wanted to. That would be too messy though and bad for PR, so I'd think of another cavalry.”

In reality, Meta had forgotten the name and would have to consult his notes again to remember. He was also pretty certain that the Found were more likely to kill Sith and capture Jedi than the other way around. He had also made it a point to glaze over her original question and would continue to do so unless pressed.
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