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Watching the Mexico-France Game Atm and I May say France seem as Rubbish as they Have been in Many Months....I Am Un sure what it is with France they seem to Have Such Great Talent But cant seem to Play Like they did 10 Years Ago or 12

Plus It Looks Like Carlos Vela got a Hamstring Problem But i could be Wrong.

Current Thoughts on World Cup: North Korea = OMG. Talk about Suprising
Spain vs Switz: Lets Hope Cesc Learns something from this. He sat on the Bench Watvhing Xavi and Iniesta Play... Will Barca Be Any Different????
England-USA= If Robert Green Doesnt Play next Game he could never Recover (Like Paul R) But if they Pick Him again he Could make another error or the Other Keepers Will be Annoyed... Plus Heskey cant hit the Great Wall of China from a Meter Away.

Question of the Moment: Well This question has been Going round my School for a While Now and what would happen if the Final was S.Korea vs N.Korea.... My Anwser... S.Korea Nuked if they Win

Well Thats all i got For Now

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