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*Death makes his way quickly to the bar and looks around for Wraith 5 and Darkforse*

*Ved shivers and makes his way out of the bar. He doesn't like Jedi. They always tell him it's wrong to steel. Hah! They don't have to worry about starving to death one day. They don't have to sit there and watch others have a home while he has none. They don't have to be afraid for their life every second of every day. What do they know? They claim to be so enlightend, so powerful yet restraint. It makes him want to vomit every time he hears their arogant lies. Lies. That's all they tell. They abuse their power even though they claim they don't. They bend the mind of others to their will. He hates them. He hates them so much. As he walks out he notices the young Jedi again and disgust rises in him and it doesn't die down until he's blocks away*

"They didn't name him Death for nothing, you know. He's a killer, a murderer. Men, women, children...doesn't matter, if they're in his way...if he's bored. He'll kill 'em all. He has no respect for life. He only wants to kill and destroy."- Stealth
"He could change. If we could get him he could change."- Nivek
"No, I don't think so. No one can stop Death."- Stealth
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