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Perdante smiled. "You know," she said, "I have been looking for a way to prove myself to the Jedi. They don't immediately trust Sith, even if they're only Initiates--or former Initiates--and have turned away from the Dark Side of the Force. Grand Master Brianna has said that if I tend to Juhani and comfort her during this period of great grief..." She stopped for a moment, thinking again of Jolee. "...if I do that, I will have passed her test and will be accepted for Jedi training. However, I'm thinking something a little more active and heroic might earn the Grand Master's attention in a deeper way. Thus, I volunteer."

She winked at the strange metallic creature. What was he, anyway? "I may not be as strong in the Force as Juhani or any of the official Jedi here, but I'm willing to be used as bait in your plan to 'find the Found', and I do know how to use the Force." She turned a rather obnoxious-looking picture of Jedi Master Lamar Vrook upside-down on the Temple wall using only the power of her will. "See? I'm good to go, if you are."

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