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Seeker's Sanctum, Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

My face. I loathe my face, even though I am the most beautiful of all...

Seeker Adeline scowled at herself in the mirror. This is me, and yet it is not me. My flesh and bone have been replaced with collagen, porcelain, silicone. Hypoallergenic steel to undergird my lovely features so they'll never wrinkle. Anabolic injections in my shoulders, chest and rear to plump them up, and fat-dissolving chemicals in my abdominal muscle wall to slim it down. Exercise and training, just in case those stopgaps failed. Endless, endless exercise...Even now, I have a personal training droid I haven't found the courage to destroy. The vestiges of childhood are very hard to let go of.

And the pageants. All because my mother needed money. She was beautiful, yes, but naturally so, and I suspect I was, too. However, it wasn't good enough. I wasn't good enough. Some producers from a holovid company, the scoundrels who created GALACTIC DIVAS, were the ones that financed my reconstruction. My re-creation from a gawky girl into a wondrous woman.

However, it wasn't worth it. Credits never are. In losing my face and body, I lost my identity, too. I lost all sense of who I was. In my place was someone who was always polite, always graceful, always lovely. I forgot my youth. The worst part? No scars show, and that's because every surgery was completed by surgeons who wielded the Force along with their scalpels. They made sure that no one could see the marks they left behind when they cut.

I hate the Force as much as I hate my face, hate myself. However, I will not and cannot be like that Sith Lord, Traya, who tried to destroy it utterly.

She is evil. I am not, and I will make sure no one will ever wield it again.

No one will have the chance to become evil again, even unintentionally.

Sighing, Seeker Adeline undressed, picked up a brush from her vanity, and began to brush her long hair in her see-through nightgown. Beauty was life...

Before going to bed, she took six ostanovium capsules instead of her usual one.

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