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Psycho left the body where it was and began walking through the temple. He was growing impatient and wanted to go after these found members already. It had been such a long time since he killed someone and his thirst for blood just kept growing. He tried his best to not think about bloodshed and nearly bumped into Perdante in the process. He looked over at the strange being she was with and tried to guess what race it was. He only caught a few seconds of what the strange being was saying and that was all he need. He knew the being was named Meta and he had a plan to take out the Found.

"If you're looking for an extra hand, I might be of assistance," he said to Meta after he was finished speaking with Perdante.

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Zen cursed as his ship refused to start. He hopped out and kicked the ship in anger. Seeing how he despised speeders, he decided that he should wait and fix his ship as it was the only option left.
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