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Tonatius was not that far behind in boarding the Hawk. He looked around the bulkheads, feeling the smooth metal. He then went into the dormitory to drop off his gear pack. Comming into the main hold, he saw Matton running a checklist and grinned, "Make sure we don't crash."

"That was my ancestor's curse," Matton replied grinning back. "Run a check on the hyperdrive. The droids did it but I prefer something more organic checking them."

Tonatius nodded in agreement and went to check on the hyperdrive.

Jun-la was running a warm up on the controls in the pilot's chair. She had some apprehension about this mission. The infection was strange and she wondered about it. She then got an idea that maybe the Shinigami would want to have a hand in helping out. She keyed the ship's comm to the dormintory, "Kalla, as soon as you can, contact Tavaryn. Use the frequency code named Shadow."

She had taught that frequency to Kalla and explained that it was a special comm link to the Shinigami, specifically Tavaryn. Grand masters at the temple knew the general coded frequency for the Shinigami but specific individual ones depended upon the member.

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