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“Alright, we have two people aboard now.” Meta said, glad that things were already going well in terms of recruitment. He had expected the process to take a few hours at least, but covience was on his side now. All he need was the leader of the Found to fall into his lap and his day would be set. Unfortunately, things were rarely that easy for him, so he would still need to go through his plan. “Now we just need to convince your friend Juhani to help us out and we also need to find that republic spy-guy. We should probably start with your friend first, since there's no telling what she might do right now.”

With that, Meta started after where Juhani had left. Where she had turn the corner to go, Meta had no idea. He trusted his inscinct though and that of his companions, so he was relatively certain that he could track her down no problem. The republic man might be a bit more difficult, but Meta's ties theoretically should allow him to contact the man or retrieve the data the man collected.
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