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Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
Sweet! If anyone has played bother the 360 and PC versions, in your opinion which is better?
In my opinion, the 360 version was better, but that was because the computer version had been merely ported, and had not been tweeked specifically to the PC.

As the XBox is uniform throughout, unlike with computers that can have differant capabilites, it is easier to tailer the game to the console. This is good, but this is also bad.
Such as, if your computer system does not have the 'beefiness' to keep up with the game on it's highest resolution levels, it can make the game slow down. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a lot of options to lower the resolution much, so my system slowed down the game. There is also the issue that if you have a perfectly good graphics card, but it's not one on the list of 'supported.' Then you have to spend extra money just to play the game, which is the thing that happened to me.

(I had a 360, but it got the RROD, so that is the negative side of that platform )
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