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You mean I can twist MP enough so that I can make levels that are like SP ones, complete with NPCs, scripts and triggers, cutscenes, etc?
Are you *sure* I can change bolt velocity in multiplayer?

I'm assuming SP maps can't be used in MP so that would mean I would have to use (or change) the existing MP maps or just make new ones.

Also, I had an idea. (long shot) Is there some way the Timescale command can be used to affect only certain objects instead of being a global effect? or alternatively, write a script that applies a timescale to the bolts but not anything else? Basically, do the same thing Force Speed does. It makes Kyle move faster and simultaneously slows everything else. So apparently there is a way to selectively speed individual objects. Is there a way to, so to speak, cast Force Speed on blaster bolts only?

I made teams of rebels and stormies in the Pit and had em blast away at each other while I watched from above in noclip. 1.5 timescale really looks so much better and feels more intense. It is also easier to aim when you're doing the shooting but still far from instant hit.

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