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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Finally, Perdante spotted Juhani again. "Here I am," she announced with a glad wink, "and I've found a new friend, or at least an ally." She gestured toward Meta. "Hopefully, he can help us find out more about the Found and discover the secrets of this awful mineral that can absorb the Force." She neglected to tell Juhani about the Plan, as she called it in her mind, for the time being. Better to let Meta introduce himself first, and the Plan, since it was his idea in the first place...

Meanwhile, Anna Organ's body began to grow stiff in the aftermath of death.

Console Server Room, Gathering Place of the Found

Pilgrim Zelain had to hurry. If he was going to delete all of the files that the Republic had on the Found and its goals and objectives, then he'd better crack the almost iron-clad encryption system the Republic had in place. He was a superb hacker, but definitely not as good as the Republic officers in charge of cyberwarfare and console security. If he failed this task, he would be missing his own head before noon tomorrow. He didn't want that at all...

The other Pilgrims were feasting and carrying on. Idiots. I need help.

Aha! Something gave way in the stream of code that Zelain had been trying to decipher. Within fifteen minutes, that crack in the wall of data had led to a waterfall of files being downloaded to his own console and utterly erased from Republic mainframes all over the galaxy. Best hacker on Coruscant. I have more than earned that title, and I've kept my head for more than one more day! Zelain, covered in cold sweat, retired to bed. Tomorrow he had a big day ahead of him, because he remembered...

That spy. The one who helped our prisoner escape. He has the files I deleted. Gah! I must try and kill him, or else accompany someone else on a mission to kill him.

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