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((Tys, did you miss my post that had me trying to break into Anna Organ's room?))

"Hopefully, he can help us find out more about the Found and discover the secrets of this awful mineral that can absorb the Force."

"That's wonderful." Juahni grunted as she finally managed to cut all the way through the door to Anna Organ's quarters. The cathar immediatly ran to Anna's side and checked her pulse, and then she sighed heavily when she found none.

"It looks like the Found have claimed another victim." She said quietly. On the outside she seemed depressed but on the inside she was screaming with rage. Not only had the Jedi who had information on the woman who had killed Jolee was dead, but it looked as though she had died in pain.

She motioned to a Jedi apprentice who was passing by the door to alert the medbay that Jedi Knight Anna Organ had died.

"I don't think I can take this anymore." She said sadly. "First Jolee and now Knight Organ. She was a good knight and I'm sorry that I was not able to help her in time."

She turned to look at the former Sith and the mysterious figure behind her. "And who might you be?"
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