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"I--I don't quite know how to tell you this," stammered Perdante, "but she's dead..." There. I've said it. It wasn't the way I wanted to tell him, but...

All of a sudden, the Force seized the young woman in an ironclad hold. Forced to her knees, Perdante grasped Juhani's hand and, half-consciously, recited a poem and prophecy that she had a dim sense the Force was revealing to her:

Darth Traya tried to erase me,
And yet not even she
Is quite as evil as the Found,
Who cause atrocity.
Why do they seek to slay the ones
Who've found their way to me?
The Found are the ones who are lost,
And they don't even see.

You, lost one, are my instrument
Of final battle's rage.
With your allies, you'll find the Found
In their ultimate stage.
Be vigilant, and be prepared.
These words will guide your way:
Someone must win; someone must lose;
And someone must betray."

Slumping over, Perdante took deep, heavy breaths, almost hyperventilating.

When she finally stood up, she cried, "Alas! Did I really say those verses?"
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