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Got a new video interview by BBC with lots of new gameplay content. Worth a watch, though it will only make you want to play the game more than actually show you something you haven't seen before.

Gamespot interview with Jon Shafer, lots of gameplay footage
Also clearly features some fairly epic background music. Looks like they're going for a more dramatic score than the calmer one in the previous one. Also, it has Hinds. Includes almost all the gameplay content of the above BBC video.
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YouTube Video

Gametrailers interview, not much gameplay footage, some info on AI, victory
Basically, 4 victory conditions in the game: Domination (conquer every capital in the world), Science Victory (construct spaceship), Cultural Victory (similar to that in Civ IV, but more tightly related to gameplay), Diplomatic Victory (be elected in United Nations, which city-states can now participate in).

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