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Originally Posted by Ben.K View Post
You mean I can twist MP enough so that I can make levels that are like SP ones, complete with NPCs, scripts and triggers, cutscenes, etc?
Are you *sure* I can change bolt velocity in multiplayer?
It's possible allright, only VERY difficult and time consuming. The whole NPC code isn't part of the MP SDK, I think.
Of course, you could try to use some stuff from the OJP source and adjust it for use with jk2mp, but that wouldn't be all too easy, either.

Chaning the projectile velocities for MP is a cake, though - they're just a bunch of numeric constants in g_weapon.c

Also, I don't think the whole time scale idea is a viable solution (not for SP at least) - could be wrong, though.

EDIT: Uhm, I should say that I'm talking about coding here - plain vanilla jk2mp does not support any of the changes you have in mind.

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