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First of all, I apologize immediately if this is a redundant post.

I've been thru all 16 pages of this thread, and I saw this problem reported, but I haven't been able to find the fix: my game crashes as Shadow leaves the Enclave on Dantooine. Black screen, then crash. Tried reloading several autosaves, and restarted game, even rebooted the machine: no success.

I have BastiFix, Shem's student clothing mod and DJ's improved female robes mod installed. That's all. Any problems reported with those? Do I need to do a complete reinstall, with clean override? If I do, can I use my last autosave, or do I have to replay the entire game?

Did I miss the fix posted here? Again, I apologize. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Addendum: Yes, I already cleared the Override folder and did a fresh install, BoSSR only. No other mod data in Override. I did not clear the Modules folder. I'm running Windows XP SP3, ATI X700 card, legacy Realtek sound card on Sony VGN AX-580G notebook motherboard.

Addendum 2: Cleared the Modules and Override folders. Reinstalled mod and patch. Loaded Autosave at beginning of duel between Shadow and friend. Cutscene ends as Shadow leaves Enclave: no crash, but screen still black. Could hear background hum. Moved cursor over menu items, power/item selection, char portrait, etc.: labels displayed. Clicked Portrait, Inventory, Map, Options etc.: screens displayed. Set Graphics options to Default and set screen resolution to 800x600--voila, video displayed. Reset Graphics options to higher levels and then saved game (not quicksave). Loaded Save: normal video ops. I have no clue as to why this worked. But it did.

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